Raleigh-based exhibit design firm Zig Zibit recently entered into an exclusive agreement with Exhibit Resources, an award-winning exhibit design and production agency, to form one of the Southeast’s largest and most comprehensive full service exhibit houses.. Lana Calloway, President of Exhibit Resources, recently announced her retirement after 40 years in the trade show industry.

Zig Zibit has combined its full-service design, fabrication, warehousing and project management capabilities with the expertise, talent and capabilities of Exhibit Resources to position itself as a regional leader in the trade show marketing industry. The new company will be able to serve a broader range of clients across a wider geographical area.  In addition, Exhibit Resources brings extensive knowledge in portable display systems and the exclusive distributorship of Featherlite Exhibits.

Jake Merzigian, President – Zig Zibit, Raleigh NC

Jake Merzigian, President – Zig Zibit, Raleigh NC

“We’re both honored and excited to have the opportunity to invite the clients and staff of a great company that we have always respected,” says Jake Merzigian, CEO of Zig Zibit. “The team at Exhibit Resources brings a full set of talent and experience as well as a track record of consistently delivering quality work and professionalism. Going forward, our clients, and those that have been with Exhibit Resources for years, will benefit from the combined capabilities of two extraordinary teams.”

“The strategic partnership with Zig Zibit has allowed me to transition the leadership of my company in a way that was deeply and personally fulfilling,” says Calloway. “Exhibit Resources is much more than a company to me. It’s a closely interwoven network of personal and professional relationships that I spent my life building. I needed to know that I would be leaving my team and my valued clients in great hands.  It was a long process for me to find the right fit to achieve my goals, and Zig Zibit has proven to me that my decision is the right one.”

Zig Zibit has already hired several new key personnel to ensure a smooth changeover, and the teams have blended to create a seamless transition. The company expanded its facilities earlier this year in response to heavy growth in the trade show market, with more growth plans in the near future.

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