Tom Szerelmey

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A seasoned veteran (you can tell by the lack of hair and salt and pepper facial features) of the tradeshow and furniture industries, I bring the fabrication and management experience needed to get your project through the production phase ,on time, with the quality and attention to detail that Zig Zibit is known for. Tom on the Map: Highlights/ Low Lights: Born: Perth, West Australia: 1957 (Literally came to the US on a boat ) Grew up: Chicago 1958-1974 Moved to (are you kidding me) Durham in 1974 Durham: 1974-1976 (my parents made me) The Lost Years, NC: 1976-1982 (I can explain, really I can) Bunn, NC: 1982-1992 (Farm “livin is the life for me”) Wendell, NC: 1992 to Present

Tom By The Book: Married 30 years and counting to ole what’s her name? Oh yeah… Da Wife.. Children (all growed up) Melissa and Jason Worked here, worked there, but never better then here. Enjoy fine dining, cooking, cycling, playing guitar, walks on the beach… (oops wrong web site!)