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My name; Clifton Sharp, my Occupation; numerous.... In fact during the hours of 0700-1800 I have a title.  While posted at this station, this "work" station, this abode of toils, nah, where labor ipse voluptas, they call me the Estimatooooor (deafening echoes fading slowly, more slowly, even more slowly, okay gone) ....  It sounds so much like guessing?  But I assure you, my audience, as I proclaim in this most public of forums; I do not guess, I research, I study, I calculate, I remove the shrouds that veil the truths to which I seek, no price may hide, though they try.  Projects may be presented to me in any phase and to react justly and accurately I must use my superpowers to, wait wrong job, I am expected to balance monies across battle lines drawn in the sand with the, the, hmm  no that is not it either...   I am pretty sure they ask me to use this thing with "C-A-S-I-O" written on it, they said it is more powerful than that space ship thing that did or didn't go to the Moon like a hundred years ago, it apparently replaced the abacus (the sliding beads thing that you played with at your Grandma's house).  In any event, they say "You do a good job", I don't know who they are yet, but I sure do appreciate them and you for reading this far!  

(See below for more intellectual content or stop reading now if you have been satisfied)  

Isaac Newton once said, "If I have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.". Later, Stephen Hawking published a vast collection of the works of ;Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Einstein, and himself in a book titled On the Shoulders of Giants.  Each of the aforementioned men embodied this thought when making innovative leaps in many different fields, for many generations to come.  I do not claim a more keen ability, a sharper mind, or a more passionate pursuit than any of these "Giants", but a similar approach.  In this context, one's hand is not held by the "Giant",  not protected, nor covered from the rain or Sun.  The "Giant" is simply a metaphor for a great wealth of information that persists into the present and those of us that choose to climb onto those shoulders can see further than the previous with an innate risk factor.  This thought is what fascinates me, it drives me, and keeps me wanting for more.  Our world is filthy rich with information, and a constant replenishment of thoughts flow through our existence begging to be grabbed and utilized.  With a small amount of courage, a lot of ignorance, and the patience of a child, I grab all that I can in the hopes that in the end; my life will not have been spent looking up and simply admiring those "Giants".