“There Has To Be A Better Way…”

That’s the line of thinking that sparks a lot of new business ideas. Zig Zibit was no exception.

It started when Matt and Jake were working at an exhibit house in New England. Jake in sales, Matt in design. Neither of them liked the way their employer did business. Client needs were secondary to making money as the company routinely cut corners by sacrificing quality for profit.

Worst of all, working there just wasn’t any fun!

After hours of venting sessions, Matt and Jake discovered they shared the same feelings about the way an exhibit company should run. With the support of Jake’s wife, Donna, they decided to do something about it.

On February 26, 2002, Zig Zibit was born.

One of the founding principles of Zig Zibit is to do great work and have fun doing it.

The trade show business is different from most industries. There are crazy deadlines, complicated rules, and difficult challenges. If you don’t keep a positive attitude and have fun while you’re doing your job, then your work will suffer, and you’ll probably lose your mind.

The other founding principle is to put the client first.

That means never cutting corners. Paying strict attention to detail. Planning for every possible problem. Always looking for ways to improve. Empowering employees to stop the process if they see something isn’t right. Do these and many other things well, and success will follow.

That’s how we operate, and that approach has fueled our success and steady growth since that cold, winter day in 2002.

To clients past and present, thank you for coming along with us on this crazy journey.

To our “future” clients, we invite you to see what working with Zig Zibit is all about. Let us prove to you that our way is really the best way.

Let’s give your competitors Exhibit Envy.


A Day in the Life of a Zig-Zib-it-er...

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