you can ignore exhibit envy or make the most of it

Exhibit Envy is a powerful emotion that you can choose to ignore, or use for your own benefit.

It's an emotion that's usually experienced when:

  • People visit your exhibit for a moment or two, only to dart away to a more popular booth directly afterwards
  • You see a competitor's booth packed with people having a good time, and you actually manage to convince yourself that their exhibit isn't even all that great anyway
  • You brainstorm a list of reasons why it's practically impossible to create a fun, attractive and rewarding trade show exhibit that simply "works"
  • You think that trade shows’ “Best Exhibit” awards are politically driven popularity contests

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, then you could be in trouble. Because, you just might be experiencing Exhibit Envy.

But, believe it or not, Exhibit Envy is extremely common at trade shows. And unfortunately, Exhibit Envy isn't the real problem at hand...

Choosing to ignore Exhibit Envy is the real issue.

Many exhibitors find it all too easy to dismiss the talent, skill and hard work that goes into creating envious displays. Most people don't see the meetings, brainstorm sessions, sketches, designs and ideas. Then, there's also the collaboration, craftsmanship and partnerships. A lot of exhibitors and exhibition supply companies especially don't want to accept that problems and hiccups are a normal part of the trade show process, and that those situations should be dealt with calmly and professionally.

But rest assured, there's an alternative (some would say life-changing) path that you can take. You can choose to embrace Exhibit Envy, and make your own exhibit worthy of excessive praise, heightened customer interest, and yes - there will be some jealousy.

You can trust us when we say that it's much more fun (and fruitful) to embrace Exhibit Envy than ignore it.

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