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What do you get when you mix an artist with an engineer?  You get an exhibit designer!  From birth, I was groomed to have a career in architecture.  My mom, the artist, taught me how to draw and my dad, the engineer, taught me how things worked and how to build things.  Both my parents were very encouraging growing up and played an active role influencing me to become an architect. They bought me Legos and blocks, got me involved in intern programs and took me to see famous architecture.  My favorite memory is when they took me to see Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece home, Fallingwater. 

After participating in design camp at North Carolina State Universtiy, I decided that is where I wanted to go to study architecture.  I applied to North Carolina State University and to the College of Design and was accepted to both.  During my first year of design school I discovered the industrial design career path.  Industrial design had a little more creative flexibility and a broader range of career paths than architecture so I decided to pursue that degree.  My last year in college is where I discovered exhibit design.  It was the perfect marriage between architecture and industrial design. 

After college I worked as an engineer at an exhibit design house until a design position opened up. Here at ZigZibit I am fulfilling my career destiny as an exhibit designer and loving every minute! Other hobbies and interests include: shredding single track trails, carving fresh snow, pounding the pavement, headers and volleys, gridiron action, jet-setting and creating culinary experiences.