It feels like we are back where we belong at ExhibitorLIVE 2016, standing above the crowd on the first main aisle of the show. I think it is safe to say that we made an impressive splash in 2014 with our two-story linear booth, and we are back in that spot again for 2016.

Exhibitor is an interesting show as it is the coffee table book about coffee table books. Exhibitors look to impress with exhibit design. We have always seen the design of our exhibits as secondary, and allowed the creativity and personality of our company to be the forefront. We are all about brand awareness: wanting you to look at us for who we are and what we do, and leaving you with the comfort that you would want to do business with us.

In 2015, we had a little bit of an uphill battle, mainly because 2014 was such a unique concept and so well executed. We have decided in 2016 to go back to our roots and work off of the ideas and concepts that have been successful and that we are known for. Therefore, back by popular demand, we will be issuing the scratch-off card, and allowing all who visit the booth to walk away as winners, cash in hand. This year we will offer the attendee a card with four (4) scratch-off choices; each attendee needs to decide which one box to scratch. The cash winnings will be anywhere from $1 to $100, depending on which box the attendee scratches. Registering early doubles the on-the-spot cash! But the winnings will not stop there! If the attendee completes the back of the card correctly, we will be mailing it back to the attendee with the chance to scratch one more space on the back of the card to potentially be the grand prize winner of a $250 gift card!

As for the booth itself, we are taking a little bit of a different approach this year. We feel there is some value in a custom exhibit house doing more than just showing up with our subjective view of what a nice exhibit looks like. While we are proud of our display designs, we have a specific product we are showcasing this time: The Crate Booth. You may think you can understand what the Crate Booth is by its name, but you will quickly learn that we are far beyond the booth in a box that others have designed in in terms of the ease of setup and use, the aesthetic and physical design, and the engineering utilized in our work. Countless hours of designing, engineering, testing, and raising the bar of what is possible have led to the development of this amazing Crate Booth. Looking at it or standing in it, you cannot tell that the booth is also the crate!

The Crate Booth is a custom exhibit, custom designed, and custom engineered, to fit your needs. This is not a catalog item where we put your name on the same design and call it yours. This is the real deal. We are sure that other exhibit houses will be snooping and checking out our booth after the show to see what we've got. We have been building these Crate Booths for a number of years, for a few select clients. We have been cautious in presenting this idea at a show like this because we know others will say they can do it also. I can say with confidence that any exhibit company out there that tries to replicate the Crate Booth will be years behind in developing the engineering.

In closing, here are the goals of our ExhibitorLIVE 2016 presence. First and foremost, we will be at the show for Brand Awareness. We want the world to know who we are when the time is right. Second, we want to make sure all who visit and attend understand what we do, all that we do. We are far from a one-dimensional company. Third, we want to leave each of you who visit with the best impression of who we are as a company, and hope that when you learn about our approach and the dedicated people that you would be working with, you will want to do business with us.