Our relationship with Ascom started with the construction of their premier exhibit booth that they showcase each year at the HIMSS show, a show that attracts the highest levels of health care technology. Based on the quality of the work we did for the exhibit, we were then challenged to build out a demonstration room in their new facility in Morrisville, NC. This room was created to replicate a hospital setting and demonstrate how their communication technology integrates in a hospital setting. Clients come to their facility to experience this demonstration firsthand and learn about their products.

The crate booth, is sort of the trifecta for Ascom. At Zig Zibit, it is our responsibility, first and foremost, to understand what our clients are selling, how they are selling it, and to whom they are the selling it. From there, we create physical tools in order to best allow them to showcase their products and services. The crate booth is a great product for our clients who exhibit in smaller settings, yet need a display that can be fully functioning when it arrives on site. All of the power and technology is pre-installed, prior to the event, thus allowing for a simple 10- to 15-minute setup once it arrives on the show floor. We recommend that you view our video on YouTube to fully understand how this display is constructed, and how it could be used in just about any setting.

The crate booth has several advantages:t can be used in smaller spaces, so it works well in 10x10 or 10x20 settings.

  • Two crate booths can be used back-to-back for island configurations.

  • The estimated set-up time to be fully functional is 15 minutes.

  • Because the booth is the crate, you don’t need to wait for your crates at the end of the show.

  • It is easy to change out the graphics and other elements to keep the display fresh.

Ascom now has a full range of tools from a large exhibit, to the smaller crate booth, and the branded environment, all designed with a consistent look and feel across the board.