It is time for a new exhibit. You have solicited designs, proposals and pricing from major firms. Costs vary wildly. Pricing can be befuddling and impossible to compare apples to apples. How do you know what you are really getting and if the price you are being given is fair? What is the true total cost? Are you going to have sticker shock later in the process?

There are many “hidden” exhibit costs and factors that must be considered in any display purchase decision.  Each exhibit house values key cost factors differently and handles them in varying ways in the design and proposal phase of a project. It is critical that you ask pointed questions around key cost factors to drive transparency out of each proposal.

Show services are a large line item and can cause sticker shock at or after a show if they have not been explained and factored for from the very beginning.  The design might be amazing and creative but if it is going to require rigging from the ceiling, installation equipment or special on-site accommodations then that design might be costing you 2-3x what you had originally thought.

Shipping costs can add up if your exhibit firm is not an expert at keeping exhibit weight down. Ask each firm to walk you through exactly what they are proposing to keep weight down throughout the design. Shipping materials can matter just as much when keeping costs down. What types of crates are being used for shipping? Are they standardized?

While keeping the build costs as low as possible is desirable, are sacrifices in durability being made? You truly get what you pay for when it comes to the exhibit construction materials used. Cheap materials will cost you more in the long run when things break, dent, scratch, or require repair. Ask firms to justify the materials being used and their durability over the course of multiple events.

It is hard to get a true apples-to-apples comparison between exhibit proposals. But by asking pointed questions to drive transparent understanding of key factors in show services, set up, shipping costs and durability you can choose the firm that is offering the most overall value for your trade show dollar. The lowest cost up-front proposal is rarely the better deal if all the critical factors have not been vetted and explained.

At Zig Zibit we pride ourselves in giving personal focus with exceptional design every time. We seek innovative solutions to achieve our clients' needs and goals using evidence-based design principles. We believe exceptional design creates functional stimulating exhibits that benefit you and your goals. We are focused on your success through the entire process - from sketch all the way through logistics. We are on your side of the table.