Craig Kassan turns wood into works of art. For over 6 years, Craig has created amazing exhibits, displays and trade show environments as a master fabricator. For over 25 years he has been an artist-in-wood creating stunning sculptures and fine furniture from raw wood. “The versatility of wood is what I love. You can do so much with wood – build a house, create furniture, sculpt, mold, carve…you can do anything”.

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Hollow Forms

Manzanita Root From Craig's Collection

“My Grandfather taught me. He started teaching me woodworking when I was a kid. My grandpa was a machinist and my grandma was an interior designer. He was always very supportive of me being creative.”

Being an artist is still just one layer to Craig. Craig originally went to school to become a zookeeper. Working after graduation for a number of years in Florida as a zookeeper allowed woodworking to continue to be a passion project versus his livelihood. “My grandfather encouraged me to become a full-time woodworker but I was afraid of losing my passion for it. I have moved between working with animals and woodworking a few times throughout my life.”

We at Zig Zibit could not be more thrilled that he has chosen woodworking over zoo management (even though some might say being a zookeeper comes in handy at Zig Zibit as well). While it was the benefits and 401k that lured Craig to Zig Zibit from another trade show company, it is the creative challenges Zig Zibit and their client’s needs present that keep Craig excited each day. “I enjoy being challenged. We aren’t always just making boxes. We have challenges like creating curves and more complex wood creations to meet the client’s needs.”

Craig is currently working on a custom commissioned wall sculpture. “Wall sculptures are my favorite things to make because they combine furniture making and wood turning.” The commissioned piece will measure 8’x5’ and will be the largest wall sculpture he has created thus far. Craig has received numerous awards and recognition for his art. You will find his work at regional art shows and markets as well as his website

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