Zig Zibit designs, builds, and rents custom exhibits. We also offer a full line of portable displays, produce graphics in-house, and provide full-service account management. We have put together a team of experts that will turn your ideas into a three-dimensional reality.

Rendering of Custom Exhibit Booth for  IMPLUS

Rendering of Custom Exhibit Booth for IMPLUS

IMPLUS Custom Exhibit Booth at the  Outdoor Retailer Show , Salt Lake City

IMPLUS Custom Exhibit Booth at the Outdoor Retailer Show, Salt Lake City

At Zig Zibit, the client comes first. Others may say that, but we at Zig Zibit live it. Our clients become our partners and friends. You will find the Zig Zibit team flexible and easy to work with. If you want it, we will build it.

The Zig Zibit team works with you on design, to get the right look and feel for your business and your product. Then, it translates that design into manufacturing specifications. The exhibit pieces are crafted to exacting specifications using the best materials and the finest skilled crew. The graphics are also designed and printed to exacting specifications so that they will fit the exhibit perfectly. When all of the pieces are completed, the exhibit is assembled and tested to make sure the exhibit looks and functions perfectly. The attention to detail throughout the process is evident in the quality of the final product: your exhibit.

Our goal at Zig Zibit is to build quality exhibits that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. The exhibits are designed to last, so that you can use them over and over again. Our team works hard to impress you, the client, in everything we do.

In addition to exhibit design and construction, we also offer other very valuable services. We can handle all of the tedious, time-consuming trade show paperwork for you. We are experts at this paperwork. We can also handle all of the logistics involved with getting your exhibit shipped to the venue, assembled, disassembled, and returned home. We can even store your exhibit for you.

Check out this video and see our hard-working team at work. Then give us a call and let us create some exhibit envy for you.

Make Your Competition Envious Crafting a sleek look and feel is critically important-but an effective exhibit requires more than just making a great first impression. It's about seeing tumbleweed blowing across your competitor's booth while people crowd in front of yours. It's the exhilaration you feel when people slow down and stop to take pictures of your display.