Have you ever seen a creative person’s desk? Chances are, it was a chaotic mess, with papers covering every surface, empty soda cans and coffee cups pushed to the corners or on top of the papers, notepads filled with incomprehensible scribbling stacked on the floor.

What that person needs is more space. Space to spread out, to work, to collaborate. A bit of organization wouldn’t hurt, either.

A few months ago, we needed space. Our success and growth over the years pushed us to the very walls of our offices and production spaces, so much so that we had to rent more space in other locations. In all, we had 47,000 square feet spread out over three separate buildings.

This patchwork approach was far from ideal, but even the space itself stopped working. Our offices were parsed up and divided and the process flow from fabrication to assembly to shipping to storage didn’t work.

So in November 2016 we moved to our new location in Durham’s Research Triangle Park. Now we have 68,000 square feet of space under one roof, giving us room to grow. Because we’re in RTP, we are closer to some of our clients and have easier access to I-40 and the airport. Plus we have the cache’ of being in RTP.

That’s all nice for us, but the real winners will be our clients.

First of all, we have room to create, collaborate, and innovate. The office space, where our designers, engineers and account managers sit is open and spacious, which facilitates teamwork and sharing ideas, but also allows people to hunker down and focus when they need to.

Our graphics department is much bigger, which improves the flow of work through the department. The floorspace devoted to fabrication and production is also much bigger, so we can work on big components without interfering with other operations.

Our assembly area is also larger. This gives us the ability to pre-build displays more completely, giving us and our clients a better idea of how they will look and function before they get shipped to the show.

But most importantly, being together under one roof, in an open, spacious facility, will make us more efficient. We’ll be able to shave time off our processes and ultimately provide work that’s even better than the high level of excellence our clients are used to.

In the coming months, we’ll host an open house for our clients and neighbors, so look for that announcement. In the meantime, feel free to drop by any time and get the private tour.