It was a horrible, crashing sound. As soon as we heard it, we knew we were in for a long night.

We had just finished installing a booth and let the labor crew go for the day when a convention center cleaning crew toppled a display, damaging two decorative panels and destroying a computer monitor.

Quickly, we assessed the damage, called back our construction crew to repair it, obtained a new monitor, and filed an incident report with the convention center for insurance purposes. All before the client arrived on site to inspect the booth.

Averting Disaster: Trade Show Services are Crucial to a Successful Show

When it comes to trade shows, there are two things you can count on. The first is that nothing will go as planned. With so many moving parts, there are countless ways things can go wrong.

As an exhibitor, you have enough to worry about, especially your staff and customers, and generating leads and sales during the show. One of the best things you can do is work with a dedicated crew to manage the on-site construction, tear-down, and at-show management of the exhibit.

The Role of Trade Show Services

There are three key functions trade show services provides: scheduling labor, managing labor, and solving problems.

  • Scheduling Labor - At a trade show, a lot happens in a very short amount of time. The time you schedule crews to arrive is rarely the time they actually arrives. It all depends on what happens during the job right before yours. Understanding this is the key to estimating and scheduling your labor in the most efficient manner, avoiding costly overtime.
  • Managing Labor - This is perhaps the biggest variable at trade shows. Different cities and facilities have different rules when it comes to unionized labor for construction and tear-down. Exhibit construction is a skilled trade, and understanding the right professionals to hire is crucial.
  • Solving Problems - As we saw in our example above, anything can happen. Trade show services provide 24-hour support to respond to any situation, big or small, and ensure the show goes off without a hitch.

The Show Goes On

Earlier we mentioned there were two things you can count on when it comes to trade shows. The first was that nothing goes as planned. The second is the show will open on the first day at the scheduled time, whether you’re ready or not.

A trade show service team is crucial to making sure your booth is ready to greet your customers.

No matter what happens.