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ExhibitorLive 2018 Was A Blast

ExhibitorLive 2018 Was A Blast

Personal Focus. Exceptional Design. This was the centerpiece message of our 2018 campaign for ExhibitorLive 2018. It is more than just a message or a campaign. It stands for how and why we do what we do every day. We just had a blast sharing that with the hundreds and hundreds of people that came by our exhibit to say hi.

How We Planned and Designed Our Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are, of course, a huge undertaking for any company. Some people estimate that trade shows affect as much as 75 percent of a company’s annual marketing budget.

Those numbers vary, of course, but when you add up the cost of the booth, fees, events, promotions, literature, travel, and everything else that’s involved with a trade show, it’s not hard to believe.

That makes planning crucial. You have to understand your goals, your customers, and what specifically you want to accomplish at a show. You can then move on to the design process to determine how the physical space of your booth will help you reach your goals.

3 Tips For Reaching Audiences Outside The Trade Show

Are you using your trade show booth to reach people who aren’t even at the show?

Of course, trade shows are a prime opportunity to engage with customers one-on-one, to build relationships with them, and to allow them to touch and feel your products. The connections you make at a trade show can be invaluable.

But not everyone can make it to the show. People might not go because they don’t have time or budget. Or they might be a slightly different audience than what the show targets. Or maybe they just don’t like Las Vegas or convention hall food.

U.N.X. - A Custom Rental Solution for the Clean Show

The Clean Show is the largest trade show U.N.X. attends and when they moved up to a larger booth space it meant stepping up their booth design as well. The solution was a 20 X 40 custom rental with a distinct high tech feeling. U.N.X. are pioneers in the field of surfectant technology and featuring the legacy of their technology prominently in the booth was important.

CBC America - A Custom Product Display

CBC is a diverse company that produces a wide range of products including, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and in this division’s case commercial flooring.

CBC America recently relocated their headquarters to Cary, North Carolina from New York and wanted a display to engage visitors and clients, encouraging project discussions across their many product categories.

Creating Exhibit Envy Just for You

Creating Exhibit Envy Just for You

Our goal at Zig Zibit is to build quality exhibits that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. The exhibits are designed to last, so that you can use them over and over again. Our team works hard to impress you, the client, in everything we do.

Selecting a Custom Exhibit Maker to Create Exhibit Envy

Selecting a Custom Exhibit Maker to Create Exhibit Envy

Okay! So you are now ready to have a killer exhibit next year. You are tired of watching your potential customers bypass your exhibit for the cool one down the aisle.

You want the cool exhibit. Next year, you will have a custom exhibit!

So, now what do you do? Let’s look at what is involved in the creation of an exhibit.

Creating Exhibit Envy Through Customization

Creating Exhibit Envy Through Customization

Have you ever walked around a trade show for your industry and just looked at the exhibits? Did you notice the ones that caught the attention of everyone there? Did you see any exhibits that made your eyes pop out?