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ExhibitorLive 2018 Was A Blast

ExhibitorLive 2018 Was A Blast

Personal Focus. Exceptional Design. This was the centerpiece message of our 2018 campaign for ExhibitorLive 2018. It is more than just a message or a campaign. It stands for how and why we do what we do every day. We just had a blast sharing that with the hundreds and hundreds of people that came by our exhibit to say hi.

How We Build Rapport With Prospective Clients at ExhibitorLive

So, you work hard to plan and design and build your booth. It perfectly represents your brand, and is inviting and engaging for show attendees.

Now what?

The most important part of planning for a trade show is preparing to have good, productive conversations with show attendees. 

Your trade show booth, while important, can only do so much. It displays your products, engages attendees, and physically represents your brand. For it to really work you have to build relationships with show attendees. We’d like to share how we plan to do that at ExhibitorLive 2017.