Margaret Frid

Office: 919.876.5828 ext. 243
Fax: 919.876.5737
Cell: 919.618.2938

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I am a creative soul with a particular talent for helping my clients overachieve within budget, on schedule and always in character.

I love the challenge of creating value. I enjoy seeing clients’ faces when we together create extraordinary exhibits and installations that promote, engage and captivate.
For the past 20 years I have worked with some of The Triangle’s most interesting and innovative companies, helping them transform their images, their markets and sometimes even their cultures.

Ultimately, we work together to increase sales and I have been credited with doing just that — increasing my clients’ sales.

I want to know your goals, your budget and most importantly, your dreams. That’s the start to a successful and enduring partnership.

Let’s talk. I can help.