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So, you want to know the long road I had to take to become a Sales Executive with Zig Zibit… It all started in a little city called New York about 7 years ago now. I was working for a lock manufacturing company out of queens as a logistic manager. Somehow, I was given the “privilege” of taking care of their exhibit properties. This was a whole new exciting world to me… and I loved it! 

My brother moved to Maryland in 2008 and just like any other younger brother I followed him in 2012. This when my Exhibit career started to take off!  I started working for a local exhibit house in their warehouse as a “inventory specialist.” Here I worked in the warehouse for 3+ years learning all the ins and outs of how an exhibit is built, assembled, inventoried, and shipped. I worked with graphics, design, shop, and pretty much every other department. Only problem is I plateaued and went on to new adventures working at capital one as a telephone banker.

Well, it didn’t take long for me to get dragged back into the exhibit world. Two years later that same exhibit house asked me to come back and before I knew it I was an administrative assistant and doing accounts receivable.

They must have seen something in me because one day they randomly brought me into the owner’s office and told me they wanted me in sales. They said I had the knowledge of all aspects of the exhibit world and that I could talk.

And I loved it!!! I was so happy I made the leap and was so excited helping clients find the perfect exhibit.

After a year it was time for me to spread my wings and find nicer weather… First place I looked was North Carolina and I found Zig Zibit! It was meant to be. I can’t stop praising the “ZZ way”. It’s the best place to work with amazing people. Everyone has so much passion to make sure every client is happy, and no one falls through the cracks. They really do amazing work and I’m proud to say that I am part of Zig Zibit!