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Zig Zibit Takes On IMTS 2018

Zig Zibit Takes On IMTS 2018

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is held every even-numbered year in Chicago. IMTS 2018 was the 32nd edition of the event and hosted over 2,500 exhibiting companies with more than 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space and more than 129,000 registered visitors.

Zig Zibit was fortunate enough to design and build 9 unique exhibits for 8 great clients.

3D Systems

ATI Industrial Automation

Bucci Industries


Koma Precision



Wen Technology

How to Get a Custom Booth on a Rental Budget

For any company, a trade show program can be a major investment. That goes double for companies trying to break into new geographic or economic markets.

 For these companies, a rental display can be a good choice to start. It allows them to keep their upfront costs low while maintaining professional-looking exhibits that represent their brands and their products well.

 For some companies, rental displays are a good long-term strategy. But for companies wanting to “graduate” to custom displays, making that move can be a challenge, budget-wise. One of our clients went through that recently, and we worked with them to find a solution that met their needs for a custom booth at a cost they could afford.

U.N.X. - A Custom Rental Solution for the Clean Show

The Clean Show is the largest trade show U.N.X. attends and when they moved up to a larger booth space it meant stepping up their booth design as well. The solution was a 20 X 40 custom rental with a distinct high tech feeling. U.N.X. are pioneers in the field of surfectant technology and featuring the legacy of their technology prominently in the booth was important.